Sunday, February 25, 2007

Photo Rally 3

Ministers of Mayhem Patrick Thomas and Zach Unlastnamed held the third quarterly Photo Rally this weekend and it was my pleasure to attend for the first time. I captained "Team Moof" with our totem/mascot/team-mojo, Sam, with friends Tom Tarn, Jim Strange, and Kyle and Jen Wiens. We garnered second place and had a positive blast.

So, a photo rally turns out to be a scavenger hunt for photographs of vaguely described objectives for eight hours. Here are some some of my favorites from our collection.

From the first category of objectives "Adjectives A to Z"








53. Chicken

"Show everyone, once and for all, why the chicken crossed the road. (5/3/2 points)"

36. Drive Thru

"Order something from a drivethrough while riding in a contraption that makes the window lady call for backup. Document your escapade. (8/5/3 points, have it your way)"

55. Flying

"I feel like I'm flying! (5/3/2 points)"

30. Uniform

"The Photo Rally Committee would like to take this time to remind you that you are not a unique and beautiful snowflake. Show your solidarity with matching team uniforms and crushed souls. (7 points)"

51. Mother's Birthday

"Today is my mother's birthday - true story! She couldn't make it , so you should do something nice for a different United employee instead. Also, please don't get arrested by the TSA. (6/4/2 carry-on points)"

52. Urban Kayacking

"Urban kayacking. Best sport since spooling. (7/4/3 points)"

43. Claim a Table

"Have your team claim a table at a restaurant. This should be performed with the same level of enthusiasm as claiming Iwo Jima. (8/5/2 points)"

49. Ghost Ridin' the Whip

"Ghost ride the whip in something that is most definitely not a car. (6/4/2 points)"

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