Sunday, May 13, 2007

Chiron Automated Tests

It's worth nothing that I've posted the current results for automated unit testing for Javascript library.

The automated test system uses a web browser, an HTTP daemon, a client web page, and a batch of javascript unit test files. A script launches the daemon with an argument list containing a manifest of all of the javascript unit test files. The daemon serves all of the Chiron files, a logger, a reporter, and a test file-name iterator. The script then opens a web browser and navigates to the client page. The client page supplants the usual test.js module with its own autoTest.js module (in an aspect oriented fashion) so that the unit test assertions and timers get logged to the server via an HTTP request. Then, the client page iteratively requests a test URL from the server and opens the test in a new window. After all of the unit tests have run, the client opens the test results page.

In the future, I would like to use up a database and leave the test daemon running before and after each Subversion commission so that test results can be gathered from a suite of platforms. Then, there would be a catalog of performance and coverage trends.

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