Thursday, June 23, 2005

Far Off

We all know I'm a little bit "out there", but where exactly I am, not many people visit, and fewer reside.

So, go to deep left field, then just walk away from home base until you find yourself somewhere completely different. Yell, "I seek Ainalda, the blue wizard who authors the codicies!" A flying saucer might not pick you up. Otherwise, they'll drop you off on a continent occupied by the elves and the angles. Go to a restaurant on an island in the large harbor between the mountains. An ancient mariner will notice you and offer you a bunk and a job at an oarport. Debark on an island with a single mountain, and a white tower on its southern exposure. You won't find me there, but I hear it's really nice.

Thursday, June 16, 2005


On another note, I didn't finish Swil on time. I'll be working on it over the summer.

My attempt (blind stab) to build the syntax evaluation and apply, especially in the absence of a complete parser, revealed some conceptual problems, including a syntax collision, and ultimately didn't work in many cases.

As for the syntax collision, anonymous functions in Swil will require an additional character. My original concept for the syntax, (parameters): routine, doesn't pan out because it collides with assignment to various kinds of sequences, and even to parenthesized single element evaluations. So, with an added dot, .(parameters): arguments will have to suffice.

As for making the evaluation system work, I'm considering the implications of merging the context and syntax structures, and making sure that application (apply) never directly calls a named function. Rather, apply will look up a context corresponding to the operator, then apply it against the operand.

Another issue I ran into was that function calls cannot inherently be generators. Normal function calls lend a user to believe that the function values evaluate expediently. I may introduce an iterate built-in for iterative evaluation of a function call. I may do something else, but my priority will be to make instantaneous evaluation work first.

I also look forward to implementing types, casting, function overload, pattern matching, and grammar matching eventually.

I hope to have minimal functionality ready for the function programming competition soon.

Batman Begins

I saw Batman Begins this evening. I was impressed. My co-worker Meshaal's friend Brian didn't like some of the quaint dialog, but I managed to completely fail to notice it until the film was complete. Batman Begins conveyed a simple but strong morality play, a first in the series as far as I recall, accented by an apt score by Hans Zimmer.

Of course, I must note that the last two movies I saw were in the Downtown Cinema and the Fremont in San Luis, both of which had appalling sound. The Regal in Arroyo Grande's stadium seating and comparatively rich, 3d sound made this a better movie-going experience than Star Wars.