Tuesday, December 14, 2010

jsconf.eu 2010

This year at jsconf.eu in Berlin, I delivered this presentation about the CommonJS effort and how to use the Q API for asynchronous promises. The part about promises is about 15 minutes in.

For the time being, my code examples and figures for the promise API are available out of my Dropbox folder: Promises.


khs4473 said...

Sold! I'm gonna add q to FlyLib.

Unknown said...

Just watched your presentation (yes, I'm a little late), and really enjoyed it. Thanks a lot for a concise but clear explanation. It's a reasonably mind-bending topic, at least for those of us that haven't yet spent much time in the world of async and callbacks.

Thanks again for all your contributions.

Anonymous said...

This video appears to have left the internet. Any chance it could return?

Kris Kowal said...